Shopping List and Price Book 1.17

Shopping List and Price Book 1.17



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Date Added:21 November, 2014

Author: Aerende, Inc.

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UPDATE - This app now offers Best Decision functionality which uses an intelligent learning algorithm to determine a user's Best Decision for a purchase based on price, distance, time, recommendations, social likes, and more. You can find the Best Decision prices on the Prices screen when you click on the Dollar sign ($) at the bottom of the screen and select "Leap Prices" on the following screen.

UPDATE - The online and local prices for scanned barcodes has been removed from the app.

Shopping List and Price Book app is a Shopping List and a Price Book AND a combined Shopping List Price Book. This new app has the following features:

1) Can create a shopping List populated by items that you've entered prices for.
2) Select different stores and see what the total cost of the shopping list is.
3) Select for each item the store that has the cheapest cost and see what the total is.
4) Select specific stores for each item and see what the total is.
5) Check off items as you purchase them.

You can make Shopping Lists of items and you can make a Price Book of the different prices you pay for those items at different stores. But you can also see what the total cost of a given shopping list is at different stores! In this way you can determine when you are in a given store, which items on your list you should get there.

This app is the latest addition to the award winning Price Book family of apps and uses all of the features that the Price Book app has. NOTE: Previous owners of the Price Book app can download all of their data from the Price Book website to the Shopping List Price Book app. Price data can be entered into the Price Book website and downloaded into the Shopping List and Price Book app on your mobile device. Please see Aerende's Price Book app description in the iTunes app store for the list Price Book features that are also in the Shopping List and Price Book app.

There are many videos explaining the features of the Shopping List and Price Book apps at :

You can ask questions and find answers. at the forum at :

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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